Intamediary is the trading style of the Abana Group, established in 2011, and operates from established branches in Portugal and the United Kingdom. Abana is actively forming partnerships with intermediaries in expatriate communities, delivering sophisticated financial advice.

Representing intermediaries offering face-to-face advice, we specialis├če in meeting the financial needs of individuals or companies with above-average capital or higher incomes, leading to more complex circumstances.

Intamediary leverages the collective buying power of its network, facilitating economies of scale. Our cloud-based IT solution offers a platform with a variety of products and services, enhancing efficiency and profitability for our intermediary members.

The majority of our authorised representatives joined our network through recommendations from existing intermediaries, lawyers, accountants, investment houses, and financial institutions.

As we progress, our commitment is to continually introduce innovative technologies and intelligent solutions, providing greater opportunities for all our intermediaries and partners.

Why Portugal

Portugal, with its blend of new ideas, technology, and a cost-effective environment, attracts partners, generating volume that, in turn, reduces business costs. This mutual benefit extends to clients and service/product providers. Additionally, there are substantial tax benefits for companies established in Portugal, as well as attractive options for individuals looking to retire and obtain residency.